Faith-Based Substance Abuse Treatment

Shepherd’s Shelter is the vision of Pastor Wayne Ross, who knows first hand what it’s like to be homeless and to abuse drugs. When he found God he wanted to help others like him.

The first Shepherd’s Shelter was founded in Lexington for the homeless in 1995. Soon he found that most of the homeless people in his shelter were addicted to drugs and alcohol. Therefore he began to offer spiritual solutions to their addiction problems as well as food and shelter.

By 2000 he was at full capacity and had a waiting list. Pastor Ross began to look for a larger facility to accommodate his new vision. His search led him to his former residential area of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, where he was able to purchase a dissolute nursing home to be converted into what is now the Shepherd’s Shelter/ Ross Rehab facility.

Now Shepherd’s Shelter/Ross Rehab is a 56 bed facility on a generous and beautiful landscaped lot surrounded by farmland. Its plentiful and peaceful surroundings provide the perfect setting for a therapeutic substance abuse treatment center.

Shepherd’s Shelter is a private, faith-based, 501c3 facility that does not receive state funding.

Therefore Shepherd’s Shelter relies on contributions from the community as well as other individuals and corporations.

A customized treatment program allows individuals to capitalize on personal strengths while working on targeted symptoms among peers and experienced clinical staff. All medicines and treatments are handled through the Staff of Shepherd’s Shelter.

In all cases, Shepherd’s Shelter emphasizes the teaching of life management skills, coping strategies, and social rehabilitation. Patients learn how they can function more effectively within their community, as part of their family and for themselves. The treatment goals are to form personal and peer alliances that will empower clients to take responsibility for their recovery, minimize relapse potential and focus on life skills.

Recovery Dynamics 12 Steps/Hazelden Living in Balance Curriculum

The Recovery Dynamics materials presented and discussed in structured classroom sessions are an important component to your recovery and achieving the goals you establish to be ready to leave Shepherd’s Shelter and re-enter society. Topics covered in the classroom setting focus on spiritual, personal, and community growth.

Shepherd’s Shelter utilizes the Recovery Dynamics and the Hazelden Living in Balance treatment curriculum along with traditional spiritual and emotional interventions. The Recovery Dynamics curriculum is based on the Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step and is coupled with a dual foundation in the Christian faith. All of our classroom instructors have completed a training program and are certified to teach in the Recovery Dynamics curriculum.

The goal of the psychoeducational approach of Living in Balance is to provide education, information, and experiences that will allow people to lead healthy and productive lives without the use of alcohol and other drugs by providing: Accurate information about the substances of abuse, relapse prevention, self-help programs, medical and physical health, emotional and social health, sexual and spiritual health, and daily living skills.

Program Activities

A wide variety of activities are available to clients from outdoor activities to reading, TV, board games, team building activities, crafts, and even playing musical instruments.

As part of their required work program, clients maintain the grounds and building which include duties such as trimming the lawn, caring for flower and vegetable gardens and facility maintenance.

Pastor Wayne and Jeanette Ross, Directors

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